Energy Saving Cookstove

Energy Saving Cookstoves are green energy cookstoves provided to small-hold farmers, communities and organizations as an alternative to open-fire cooking methods

Sustainable Energy Kenya

Key Facts

  • Energy Saving Cookstoves are produced locally thereby creating jobs in the region.
  • Energy Saving Cookstoves significantly reduce fuel input and CO2 output, commonly seen with open-fire methods.
  • Due to local production, affordability, and independence from global supply chains, Sunken Ltd guarantees ongoing accessibility of stoves for its low-income target group.
  • Sunken Ltd offers 5 different cookstove sizes to fit individual needs.
  • Since 2018, Sunken Ltd has distributed over 18,000 units.

Key Features

Sunken Ltd is a company that works in partnership with institutions throughout the Kenyan region to provide integrated services and innovative business solutions to commercial enterprises. At Sunken, we specialize in economic and social development by providing green energy solutions to small-scale farmers, communities, and commercial projects. We supply a package of services designed to provide clients with solutions to improve productivity and profitability in their enterprises.

Social Impact

Sunken Ltd’s Energy Saving Cookstove was born after learning of the open-fire traditional method of cooking practiced in the Kakuma region, Kenya. This type of cooking method exacerbated respiratory diseases among the community of refugees and locals.

Before Sunken Ltd’s venture in the Kakuma region, there was no commercially run cookstove production plant in the entire county of Turkana. Three years in, today we have employed 14 refugees and host community members, and trained over 60 youth in the process.

Sunken Ltd has improved its production capacity since 2018 from 150 units/month to 700 units/month, currently.

The company has a distribution network of 114 last-mile distributors as of today, spread across Kakuma, which has a population of 300,000.

We measure our impact through job creation opportunities, sales, and market reach. In this financial year starting January 2022, we have distributed 5,757 cookstoves and over 18,000 units overall since 2018.

Future Plans

The plan is to enhance our Energy Saving Cookstove’s capabilities over the next five years, and automate our production process to maintain standardization and expand our reach outside Turkana county by 2026.

Main Target Group

Low-income households

Main User

Households, primarily in Kakuma and the surrounding region’s refugee camps

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