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empowering people. Network supports social innovators that improve basic supply issues around the globe. Learn more about these incredible people and their impactful solutions in our database below.


The organizations that make up empowering people. Network range from non-profit organizations to for-profit, social impact institutions. All organizations, and the people behind them, have one thing in common: furthering more resilient communities and self-reliant economies, primarily throughout the Global South. Learn more in our database below.

Social Enterprises as Job Creators in Africa

Our latest study looked at the potential of social enterprises to provide employment opportunities in 12 African countries between 2020 and 2030.

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About the Network

We aim to make promising low-tech solutions accessible

On a daily basis, millions of people face immense basic supply challenges which could be met by implementing appropriate technological solutions. Such solutions can not only level out acute deficits but also offer diverse opportunities for independent economic activities coupled with urgently needed income for those on the ground.

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