Our team is mainly based in Munich, Germany, and we are happy to introduce ourselves here.

  • Anna Balas

    Capacity Development / Social Venture Support

    Anna joined Siemens Stiftung’s Social Entrepreneurship team in 2018. She works on continuously developing the Capacity Development offering for social enterprises within the empowering people. Network.

    Anna holds an MSc in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University of Munich and a BA in International and Cultural Business Studies from the University of Passau (Germany) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Anna likes to cook and travel and can strongly relate to Sabine’s fear of spiders. You can follow her on Twitter at @AnnaBalas78 and contact her via email.

  • Sabine Baumeister

    Capacity Development /  Communications

    Sabine has been a Senior Project Manager in the area of Social Entrepreneurship at Siemens Stiftung since 2009. She is a part of the empowering people. Network team and is responsible for epNetwork’s Capacity Development program and communications, including the Network’s social media channels and blog platform.

    Sabine studied languages and literature at the LMU Munich, likes to lift things, has a fish pond on her balcony, does not enjoy flying, and is afraid of spiders. You can follow her on Twitter at @s_baumeister and contact her via email.

  • Julia Wachsmann

    Social Venture Support

    Julia has been part of the Social Entrepreneurship team at Siemens Stiftung since 2009. She has worked with early-stage businesses in Latin America and Africa, where she accompanied founders on their way to organizational development, growth, and economic independence to foster their social impact.

    Julia studied Spanish and German Literature at the University of Regensburg (Germany) and Universidad de Granada (Spain), and has several years of professional experience in communication and social responsibility at the Siemens AG. Julia enjoys photography and getting her hands dirty in nature. You can contact her via email.