Here, you will find a few quick links highlighting key focus areas for the epNetwork team. We hope these informative resources help you better understand our passions and the work we are focused on day in and day out.

  • The Network

    empowering people. Network is an ecosystem for social entrepreneurs and innovators. The Network supports organizations by encouraging the application of technology for sustainable development, engaging in Learning & Development and mentoring, and supporting growth through finance instruments.

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  • Approach

    Through empowering people. Network‘s holistic approach and explicit demand-oriented activities, Siemens Stiftung promotes impact-driven organzations to help them leverage their potential.

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  • Partners

    We have partnered with numerous impact-oriented organizations around the world that are working towards common goals with a shared mindset. It is crucial that we join forces with like-minded people and organizations to amplify our impact.

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  • Sectors

    The people that make up the Network’s ecosystem work within the following sectors: e-Mobility, Sustainable Energy, Water & Hygiene, Circular Economy, Food Security and Health.

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  • Team

    Hello from our empowering people. Network team! Learn more about the team of highly-motivated social impact experts based in Germany.

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  • Publications

    empowering people. Network offers publications and services on all aspects of our work. These publications can be downloaded and used free of charge.

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  • Former Award

    In 2013, 2016 and 2019, we hosted the empowering people. Award. You can find links to the respective winners and some basic information here.

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