WeMobility’s solution helps close the last-mile transport gap, while benefiting the environment and providing income opportunities for local boda-boda drivers.

e-Mobility Kenya

Key Facts

  • WeMobility’s electric mobility solutions help close last-mile transport gaps.
  • Solar energy systems developed by WeTu support e-Mobility charging services.
  • WeMobility solutions operate using a shared economy model.
  • WeTu’s e-Mobility solution plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gases in the region.
  • WeMobility solutions have collectively covered over 100,000km.
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Key Features

WeTu provides electric mobility solutions in rural parts of western Kenya. The enterprise aims to close last mile-transport challenges that communities we work with face, with innovative technologies and environmentally-friendly solutions. e-Mobility that leverages solar energy systems, developed by WeTu, act as charging hubs for EV batteries used in e-bikes and e-powered three wheelers (electric Tuk-Tuks). WeTu operates a sharing economy model where customers rent e-bikes to facilitate their daily income as boda-boda drivers.

Social Impact

WeTu’s e-Mobility services offer employment to local communities as riders of e-bikes and drivers for the electric Tuk-Tuks. The use of WeTu’s e-Mobility services in communities we serve, plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, improving air quality and mitigating climate change. With our e-Mobility services, WeTu strives to deliver clean, accessible, and affordable means of transport in communities we operate. WeTu has 30 e-bikes, which are rented out to local riders who operate on a daily basis. Cumulatively, they have covered over 100,000km since we started in December 2022.

Future Plans

WeTu plans is to construct more clean energy hubs to provide climate friendly services to communities in western Kenya through the provision of more EVs on the road and of e-Mobility battery swapping stations. With the planned construction of more energy hubs and battery swapping stations, WeTu aims to bridge the gap of a limited driving range of some electric vehicles and the availability of charging infrastructure.

Main Target Group

Motorcycle (boda-boda) riders willing to switch to electric bikes as a source of income.

Main User

Main users of WeTu’s e-Mobility services are the people at the BoP in the rural and peri-urban communities we serve. Other special groups in the community impacted by our solutions are; mostly men and youths.

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We!Hub Victoria Limited (WeTu)
We!Hub Victoria Limited (WeTu)

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