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Bidhaa Sasa’s product range is defined by their clients’ feedback and includes cooking, lighting and agricultural solutions.

Sustainable Energy Kenya, Uganda

Key Facts

  • Bidhaa Sasa’s business has been built around rural women’s current circumstances, needs and aspirations, combining retail and finance in a one-stop-shop, resulting in 70% of their clients being women.
  • Bidhaa Sasa supplies life-improving products using direct selling techniques – by women for women.
  • The solution’s ‘woman-to-woman’ direct sales model includes delivery to customer homes helping to overcome their limited mobility, reduced awareness, and lack of trust in new technologies.
  • The organization specializes in sub-$100 products that have the highest potential to impact women’s lives.
  • More than 80% of Bidhaa Sasa’s over 90,000 clients have been recruited by existing clients.

Key Features

Our efficient charcoal stoves for cooking, LPG appliances for cooking, and electric pressure cookers for cooking are faster, cleaner, cheaper cooking than alternative products. Our solar products for lighting and phone charging offer a clean light and phone charging at home.

Social Impact

Clean cooking devices reduce the time spent cooking, the money paid for fuel, and pollutant emissions very significantly. They are also more convenient and easier to use which helps with sharing the cooking chores amongst members in the family. For example, our stoves reduce the use of charcoal by half and save 3 tonnes of CO2e per year.

Solar products offer clean light and phone charging in the home, reducing expenditures in kerosene and in mobile charging services. It helps children to do their homework in the evenings.

Future Plans

Bidhaa Sasa plans to expand in Kenya, doubling in size in the next two to three years. The catalogue of products is in constant revision and we plan to add more impactful products as the company expands.

Main Target Group

Rural women in Kenya and Uganda.

Main User

Rural women in Kenya and Uganda.

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