Mellowcabs is a for-profit organization that has developed an electric delivery alternative that is currently operating in Africa.

Neil du Preez, Founder
For-profit Sustainable Energy 2014 20 (as of 10/2020) n/a
Headquarters: Stellenbosch, South Africa
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Mellowcabs is currently operating their vehicles in southern Africa with goals to expand further into Sub-Saharan Africa and, eventually, Europe.

What we should know about you

Questions answered by Neil du Preez, Founder
1. What is your biggest success as an entrepreneur?

Creating job opportunities and real impact with our product.

2. What was a troubling time that you managed to overcome?

COVID-19 supply chain problems. Our assembly line was, and still is, affected by shortages of critical products.

3. Can you share some random or funny facts about your team?

We wear shorts to work.

Additional achievements


  • epAward Winner 2016
  • 2017 African Entrepreneur of the Year



MellowVans provide delivery services in an efficient, low cost, and emission-free way.
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Profile last edited on: May 25, 2021