epAward 2016 Winners

  • 1st - TempWatch

    TempWatch is a temperature monitoring bracelet that alerts caregivers if a newborn may be at risk of hypothermia.

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  • 2nd - Garbage Clinical Insurance

    Garbage Clinical Insurance (GCI) is a micro health insurance program which uses recyclable waste as a financial resource. With this program, the community is able to pay for clinical services by using garbage as payment to an insurance scheme.

  • 3rd - Barsha Pump

    The Barsha Pump is a hydro-powered pump that helps farmers irrigate crops more sustainably.

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  • Community Prize - WAFFCO (Waste-Fuel Free Combustion)

    WAFFCO, Waste-Fuel Free Combustion, is a closed biomass burning stove for households. Simple and cheap to produce, it is constructed mainly of clay and metal and designed to replace open-fire stoves.

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  • Finalist - Safe Travel

    Developed by innovators in Cameroon, Safe Travel is a free phone app which works as a monitoring system called ‘traveler’. It is designed for passengers and users offering a platform and data system showing a traveler’s location.

  • Finalist - Multi-Crop Thresher (MCT)

    The Multi-Crop Thresher (MCT) is an engine-driven machine that can save farmers time and money, especially when compared to manual methods.

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  • Finalist - AgRover

    AgRovers are made locally and act as a practical mode of transportation for farmers and agricultural businesses.

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  • Finalist - Videolibros enSeñas (Videobooks in Sign Language)

    Videolibros enSeñas (Videolibros) is an online platform where deaf people can read books in Sign Language.

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  • Finalist - Nabu.org

    NABU.ORG is a publishing network providing original, local language content for young readers to increase access to literacy.

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  • Finalist - Invi

    In response to the widespread problem of sexual violence, the company has developed a self-defense product that enables women to protect themselves.

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  • Finalist - SolarTurtle

    SolarTurtle products are easy to set up and are customizable, requiring little to no infrastructure.

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  • Finalist - Quintas Biomass fired Hot Air Dryer/Dehydrator

    The Quintas biomass hot air dryers/dehydrators are designed to dry agricultural produce when harvested. This simple device does without complicated temperature and flow controls and can be assembled on site with the capacity to burn approx. 7.06 kg biomass per hour. The dried goods can then be packaged for sale.

  • Finalist - Pocket FM

    Pocket FM is a broadcasting system, which serves as an interface between internet and radio. The device has been adapted to situations and regions where communication is difficult, especially for those cut off from vital information including refugee camps and areas with civil wars.

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  • Finalist - Mellowcabs

    MellowVans provide delivery services in an efficient, low cost, and emission-free way.

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  • Finalist - Groasis Technology

    Groasis Technology (GT) is an integrated planting technology that allows the planting of trees in degraded farmland and rangelands. The technology consists of a 20-litre box which, when planted around a seedling, collects dew and enough rainwater to sustain the plant whilst it grows.

  • Finalist - GiftedMom - Ending Maternal Deaths Using Mobile Technology

    GiftedMom is a social enterprise aiming to improve maternal health using last mile mobile technologies. Combining SMS and voice reminders with a GPS-integrated tricycle transportation, the project aims to end preventable maternal and infant deaths.

  • Finalist - Fenik Yuma 60L

    The Fenik Yuma 60L (Fenik) is a low-cost, electricity-free mobile refrigeration unit.

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  • Finalist - Café Compadre

    Café Compadre’s solution produces “green” roast coffee that is processed with renewable energy sources.

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  • Finalist - GravityLight

    GravityLight is an innovative device that provides instant light, as well as powering a string of up to 4 ancillary ‘SatLights’ that can be distributed around the home.