Invi Self-defense Bracelet

Invi Bracelet is a self-defense bracelet that can protect users against sexual violence.

Winner 2016
Health Congo - Kinshasa, India, Netherlands

Key Facts

  • In the event of an incident, Invi Bracelet’s gas-like odor is released immediately upon activation and can be noticed within seconds.
  • The smell can be detected over 100 meters away.
  • The scent works as a repellent and can lead to a ‘flight’ reaction.
  • Invi Bracelet is worn by thousands of people worldwide.
  • Multiple incidents of attempted rape have been prevented by use of the product.
Wearing the Invi bracelet makes people feel safer and more confident which can work as a “first line of defense", according to experts.

Key Features

In response to the unresolved and widespread problem of sexual violence, Invi has developed an innovative self-defense product: the Invi Self-defense Bracelet (Invi Bracelet). The bracelet empowers people to go about life with the confidence of knowing that they can defend themselves without using violence.

Invi Bracelet’s gas-like odor is released immediately upon activation, can be noticed within seconds and provokes a strong reaction. The scent works as a repellent and can lead to a ‘flight’ reaction. It can disrupt the situation giving the potential victim valuable time to run away or ask for help.

Furthermore, the smell can be detected over 100 meters away, helping to alert others in your surroundings.

Social Impact

Invi Bracelet is worn by thousands of people worldwide and, to date, we know of multiple incidents where attempted rapes have been prevented by use of the product.

Besides these real-life cases, the Invi Bracelet has been tested and validated in various research trajectories, in which we have learned that:

  • Wearing the bracelet makes people feel safer and more confident. In a Rotterdam pilot study, the percentage of respondents that sometimes felt unsafe decreased from 73% to 37%, after wearing Invi Bracelet for a month. Furthermore, more than half of the participants who initially claimed that they often feel unsafe declined to feel so after wearing Invi Bracelet. According to experts, a confident appearance can work as a “first line of defense”  and decrease chances of becoming victims of an assault. In addition, empowered and confident people will take a more active role in society and reinforce the global movement that actively speaks out against sexual violence and promotes equality.
  • Academic research by University of Groningen (RUG) showed that the scent is safe to use and negatively impacts sexual arousal.
  • A pilot study carried out by Centrum Sexual Violence Rotterdam (CSG) showed that the vast majority of the people (victims of sexual violence) gave positive feedback during follow-ups. Case manager, Leontine Verberg: “Besides psychological support, I am happy that I can give my clients something tangible that can help in the process of rehabilitation”.

Future Plans

We plan to:

  • Further strengthen and grow in Western markets with help from online retailers.
  • Build strong collaborations with NGOs and governments to ensure accessibility for marginalized communities.
  • Decrease production costs by developing scalable production techniques and designing a low-cost version.

Main Target Group

The Invi Bracelet is both relevant for developing and developed markets and could be potentially used by anyone, men or women, of any age. Currently, we sell directly to Western customers, but also to private companies and NGOs.

Western customers: Urban commuters and professionals who work late or engage in outdoor sports, students going out at night for leisure or outdoor sports, independent travellers/backpackers, parents, private companies with employees who frequently travel.

Developing markets: NGOs.

Main User

See above.

Developing markets: Women and children who live in high risk areas (e.g. East Congo).

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