SolarTurtle products are easy to set up and are customizable, requiring little to no infrastructure.

Winner 2016
Clean Energy South Africa

Key Facts

  • In South Africa (and many other parts of Africa), energy is unstable or not accessible.
  • SolarTurtle make’s solar energy more accessible to businesses and communities in order to inspire a greener future.
  • SolarTurtle now offers three products to its customers: SolarTurtle Hubs, SolarTurtle Mini, and SolarTurtle Sparks.
  • In addition to its products, SolarTurtle also offers consulting services to support businesses.
  • SolarTurtle’s training course to recruit and educate (basics of solar and business principles) vendors which will be used for expansion.
SolarTurtle's solar energy offerings can be tailored to individual business/customer needs.

Key Features

SolarTurtle is a solar energy platform aimed at assisting entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities. Their product range:

  • Hubs: Solar containers (manual, auto, and roof mounted) can be utilized at offices, clinics, shop, internet cafe or anything else you may envision. Being a container it can additionally offer security.
  • Mini: Fiberglass units with fixed mounted solar canopy.
  • Sparks: Mobile solar trading kiosk – case, bike & cart. Ideal for street vendors and great for events/festivals. Sparks gives vendors the opportunity to offer phone charging services, power bank sales, and WiFi hot spot services to customers.

All our products are designed to be quick and easy to set up with little to no infrastructure. Most of our products are also customizable to be tailored around each individual business needs. We also offer a software management system (POS Portal and Management Portal) designed to support the Sparks. The POS Portal point-of-sale runs on an Android device, while the Management Portal (web form) runs in conjunction to the POS Portal to aid in stock, kiosk, and vendor management.

SolarTurtle also offers consulting services to aid in supporting your project to success.

Social Impact

SolarTurtle was born out of the vision of wanting to make solar energy more accessible to businesses and communities in order to inspire a greener future.

In South Africa (and many other parts of Africa) energy is unstable or not accessible, with crime, sometimes, further adding to the problem. SolarTurtle aims at addressing these problems by offering a range of solar products to aid businesses, communities, and entrepreneurs. Our SolarTurtle Hubs additionally can be designed to offer a more secure solution to those which find themselves in high crime areas.

SolarTurtle, from the start, has had passion and a vision to make meaningful impact in our less-privileged communities and, as result, has always had a strong focus on promoting and supporting woman and youth empowerment. We see woman as the pillars and youth as the future of our communities in order to make an impactful future for everyone.

Future Plans

Being an innovative agile company priding itself in evolving and bettering our products. We envision in the future offering franchise options sold as white label / rentals.

Our own Spark fleet will expand to other areas (to offer charging, power banks, solar home kits, and hot spots, etc. to the wider community). Our training course to recruit and educate (basics of solar and business principles) vendors which will be used for expansion.

We are hoping to expand across Southern Africa and beyond.

Main Target Group

Informal or event/festival traders looking for solar kiosk. Community members utilizing our Spark fleet services – device charging services, power banks, solar lights, home solar kits, printing services, Wi-Fi hot spot services, among others. Businesses or organizations wanting a solar solution which is customizable to suit their business needs.

Main User

Same as their main target group.

Price (in USD)

Our solar energy business platforms range from $180 – $32,000.

Please contact SolarTurtle directly ( to obtain our latest product catalogue with pricing.

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