epAward 2013 Winners

  • 1st - OneDollarGlasses

    OneDollarGlasses are affordable eyeglasses for low income people in need.

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  • 2nd - MakaPads Sanitary Pads

    MakaPads are sanitary pads made from papyrus and paper waste. The naturally absorbent material has a high capacity (one pad can be used for 8 to 10 hours).

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  • Community Prize - Solar Scheffler Reflectors

    Solar Scheffler Reflectors help generate solar energy for people and businesses in Mexico, eliminating the need to generate thermal energy.

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  • Finalist - Score Stove™2

    The Score Stove™2 is a low-smoke cook stove with high combustion efficiency. When cooking with wood fuel or other fuels such as dung or crop residuals, it produces additional electrical energy through the combustion heat.

  • Finalist - Mobile Solar Kiosk

    ARED Group’s (ARED) solar kiosk platform and mini server facilitate access to phone charging and digital applications for low income people in Africa.

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  • Finalist - SunSaluter

    The SunSaluter is a dual-incentive passive solar tracking and water filtration system, which optimizes existing solar infrastructure by collecting up to 40% more energy and simultaneously providing clean drinking water.

  • Finalist - River Ice - Cooling System

    River Ice is a small-scale Garman river turbine directly connected to an open refrigeration compressor. Polyethylene bags which contain filtered water produce ice blocks through the energy of the current.

  • Finalist - ReMotion

    ReMotion is an affordable polycentric knee joint designed for amputees living in difficult circumstances.

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  • Finalist - Peepoo – Single-use Toilet

    Peepoo is a personal, single-use toilet which sanitizes human excreta shortly after defecation, thereby preventing feces from contaminating and spreading lethal diseases such as cholera and diarrhea.

  • Finalist - Mapeo de Napas con Georadar – Soil Research

    Georadar technology can be used to map and to determine the depth of water tables. Even without rain water, water can be provided for crops, if the roots come into contact with the water table zone.

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  • Finalist - ECAR - Arsenic-safe Drinking Water

    ECAR is a highly effective ultra low-cost water treatment technology designed to bring locally affordable and sustainable arsenic-safe water to rural communities.

  • Finalist - Biogas backpack

    The Biogas backpack is a strong bag with backpack straps and a ball valve to easily store and transport biogas and make money from the sale of excess cooking gas.

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