Wahu! e-Bike

The Wahu! e-Bike provides Ghanians with a unique method of transportation that is financially viable.

e-Mobility Ghana

Key Facts

  • The Wahu! e-Bike can be purchased on a work-ßto-own scheme, allowing riders to start utilizing the mode of transportation immediately.
  • Wahu! e-Bike’s are locally designed and produced.
  • The e-Bike’s have provided tremendous value to hyper-local delivery and single-person riders.
  • Wahu! Mobility’s solution has inspired and promoted sustainable self employment with their e-Bike.
  • Wahu! e-Bike’s come in two- and four-wheel options.
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Key Features

We are deploying and building a fit-for-purpose electric bicycle designed specifically for hyper-local deliveries and everyday single-user commuting. For the average delivery rider, access to financing and all other support required to onboard on livery platforms is difficult. Wahu! couples its physical mobility tool with the necessary accessories (protective gear; insurance; and maintenance) at a financial offering that is fair and achievable.

Social Impact

We developed the Wahu! e-Bike to meet the transport needs of the average Ghanaian worker while having a positive impact on the environment and empowering positive lifestyle changes by supporting sustainable self employment.

Future Plans

We are planning to expand to serve corporate entities and individual commuters that want affordable, energy-efficient, and green transport solutions in the form of two-wheel and four-wheel mobility solutions that are locally designed and produced.

Main Target Group

Riders engaged in delivery (Gigworkers) using a work-to-own scheme, with weekly payments.

Main User

RIders engaged in delivery (Gigworkers).

© Wahu!
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© Wahu!

Wahu! Victor Bannerman-Chedid, Chief Commercial Officer wahu.me
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