ZELO e-Cargo bikes

ZELO e-Cargo bikes can be more efficient and cost effective than other e-Bikes on the market in Tanzania.

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Key Facts

  • ZELO bikes are purpose built and cheap to operate.
  • Compared to other e-bikes on the market in Tanzania, ZELO bikes are up to 60% cheaper to operate.
  • ZELO bikes are suitable for last-mile logistics operators and distributors in urban areas.
  • Digital operating tools and access to service and maintenance are also offered by the enterprise.
  • Such digital tools can improve operating efficiencies by up to 3 times.
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Key Features

ZELO is an electric cargo bike platform enabling logistics operators and consumer goods distributors in urban areas to transport goods more efficiently and cost-effectively. This solution offers purpose-built and cheap-to-operate electric cargo bikes, digital operating tools, and access to service and maintenance.
Compared to petrol-powered alternatives, ZELO bikes are up to 60% cheaper to operate, and digital operating tools can boost operating efficiency by up to three times.

Social Impact

Our company initially started out as a last-mile logistics operator using electric motorbikes, but over time it became obvious that it would be quite challenging to scale our operations. Our bikes needed frequent changes of parts which we had to import from China, and growing our fleet meant a complete purchase of new vehicles including spare parts. In addition to difficulties on the hardware side, we faced challenges accessing digital tools to manage service delivery and our operations. We are developing ZELO to address these challenges, targeting urban logistics operators and consumer goods distributors.

Looking at the bigger picture, Africa has the fastest urban growth in the world. The continent’s population is projected to double between now and 2050. Two-thirds of this growth will be absorbed by urban areas and, in the next 30 years, cities will be home to an additional 950 million people. Much of this growth is taking place in small- and medium-sized towns. Africa’s urban transition offers great opportunities but it also poses significant challenges, especially when it comes to transporting goods fast.

Future Plans

We aim to expand the platform to other regions in Tanzania and eventually throughout the East Africa region. And, in terms of service delivery, we want to incorporate more components of urban logistics such as warehousing, micro-fulfillment, and cold chain infrastructures.

Main Target Group

Last-mile logistics operators and consumer goods distributors.

Main User

Individuals and businesses transporting goods within urban areas.

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