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Estudio G&D is a hybrid organization looking to advance digital agriculture technology with farmers having little infrastructure.

Mariano Delbuono, Director
Hybrid Food Security 1997 1 10,000 USD (2019)
Headquarters: Tandil, Argentina
Regional offices: United States, Uruguay
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The mapping of water layers with georadar helps farmers to carry out a differentiated agronomic management.

What we should know about you

Questions answered by Mariano Delbueno, CEO
1. Imagine yourself 5 years ago in comparison to the situation you are in today. Which achievements surprise you the most?

I am amazed by the speed of technological change, the digitization of information, remote work, the management and analysis of information using the cloud, and advances in communications and electronics. The sum of all this has impacted the growth of our company, improved working conditions, increased income and increased efficiency in production processes.

2. What is your biggest success as an entrepreneur?

My greatest success as an entrepreneur is discovering that success only depends on me and my effort, knowing how to correctly choose the course to follow and choose the right people to engage in it.

3. What is your biggest learning as an entrepreneur so far?

To be patient!

Mapping Water Layers with Georadar
Mapping Water Layers with Georadar

Mapping Water Layers with Georadar allows farmers to detect layers of water in subsoil.
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