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epUpdate February 2022

In our February empowering people. Update, we feature some of our epNetwork members who are operating in the water sector in different places around the world. They demonstrate how a social entrepreneurial approach can help people uphold their basic rights while tackling climate change. Also, read our latest blog article on how one of our members in Kenya successfully overcame the COVID-19 hurdles. Plus, upcoming events and interesting programmes.

Dear members, partners and friends of the empowering people. Network,

Clean drinking water is a basic right for all humans. Yet we must recognize that this fundamental right is under severe threat as climate change already has a dramatic impact on the global water cycle. Too many people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water or they simply cannot afford it. This epUpdate features a few epN members that have demonstrated how social entrepreneurial approaches can improve drinking water supplies in such areas.
For example, Nazava supports families in Southeast Asia and Africa in increasing their resilience to climate change through a localized filtration solution. EOS International in Central America, whose founder Wesley was also part of the epMentoring program, is on a similar mission. In addition, read our recent blog post on TakaTaka Solutions who encourage us to follow their example and face challenges like COVID-19 with persistence and courage. This and other exciting events and programs further below.

Enjoy the read!

Your empowering people. Network team

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Article last edited on: February 28, 2022