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epUpdate April 2022

This April empowering people. Update brings some good and inspiring reading material: for example, our latest blogpost showing how a few of our members made it through the challenging times of the pandemic, or a recent interview about the creative mind behind  aQysta, whose childhood experiences led him to start the social enterprise.

Dear members, partners and friends of the empowering people. Network,

It is amazing to see what can emerge from simple ideas, however small they may be originally. Our epNetwork members demonstrate that it sometimes takes a lot of ingenuity and creativity to really develop a sustainable solution starting from a problem. Yet they prove so much is possible if we tackle these challenges together.

In this epUpdate, learn for example why Pratap Thapa's childhood experiences eventually led to the founding of the social enterprise aQysta, or how Enviro Options from South Africa suceeds in reinventing the toilet system. Also, read in our latest blog post how the COVID-19 Resilience Grant could support our network entrepreneurs during the challenging time of the last year. Plus, as always, you'll find exciting calls and upcoming events.

Enjoy reading and get inspired!

Your empowering people. Network team

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Article last edited on: April 27, 2022