Ecological Sanitation Systems in Peru

ECOLOGICAL SANITATION SYSTEMS IN PERU provides portable and ecological toilet solutions that don’t require water or chemicals.

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Key Facts

  • The idea for ECOLOGICAL SANITATION SYSTEMS IN PERU was born as an alternative for appropriate sanitation services in places with water limitations and without services.
  • AGUAECOSANPERU’s portable ecological toilets use drying material that is incorporated mechanically or manually.
  • The organization markets eco toilets or separate toilets of various models to national projects.
  • AGUAECOSANPERU has brought six sanitation products to market in Peru.
  • The organization plans to grow the sale and rental market of their toilets throughout the Peruvian market.
It is estimated that about 10,000 have or are currently benefiting from the use of a Dry Ecological Bath in peri-urban and rural communities.

Key Features

AGUAECOSANPERU produces portable ecological toilets that have removable sanitation systems and don’t use water or chemicals but, rather, drying material that is incorporated mechanically or manually. The organization’s main activity is to market eco toilets or separate toilets of various models to national projects. Their use is appropriate for emergency situations after disasters, or for temporary use in camps.

The organization also provides technical training and design other products that diversify their portfolio.

Social Impact

The idea was born in Peru as an alternative for appropriate sanitation services in places with water limitations and without services, especially in peri-urban and rural areas. AGUAECOSANPERU’s toilets contribute to change of action in development towards sustainability, not only in sanitation but generally for the benefit of the planet.

When starting operations, their main objectives were to:

  1. Implement the proposal of Dry Ecological Baths as a sanitation alternative for the sectors with fewer resources;
  2. Incorporate the ecological sanitation approach into the academic environment; and,
  3. Convert the proposal into a national sanitation policy.

This has been achieved through the following:

  • In 2013, AGUAECOSANPERU converted the proposal of the Dry Ecological Bathrooms (DEB) into a public policy proposal within the Ministerial Resolution 065-2013-Housing.
  • Currently the government has invested no less than 50 million soles in DEB in rural areas since 2014.
  • No less than 3 universities have professional specialization courses on ecological and/or sustainable sanitation.
  • Six products of sustainable sanitation brought to the market (eco toilets for adults, eco toilets for children, recessed eco toilets, portable dry toilet of fiberglass, portable dry toilets of wood, and dry urinals).
  • Two institutions with the same objectives are now operating starting from AGUAECOSANPERU’s initiative.

Future Plans

AGUAECOSANPERU aspires to grow and further promote the sale and rental of portable dry toilets in the Peruvian market.

Opportunities for further development of the products are given through the need to have emergency sanitation systems after physical hazards that may occur in Peru, such as earthquakes, floods, among other disasters. The product could also be rented out for events and temporary camps, such as fairs and construction.

Main Target Group

The products for the elaboration of Dry Ecological Bathrooms (DEB), like the separating cups are bought by companies that have won the bidding for the construction of DEB in rural localities of the country. Also, and in less quantity, some municipalities and individuals that want to use them in their private homes. Also, in a small quantity, the organization has acquired portable toilets made from fiberglass and wood. The last ones to acquire wooden toilets have been the National University San Agustin of Arequipa, to make a work of investigation in agricultural parcels.

Main User

Currently there must be about 10,000 families in the peri-urban environment, especially in rural areas in the country, which in the 23 years of the initiative (starting as NGO and then taken up again with a market approach by AGUAECOSANPERU) have or current use the Dry Ecological Baths. Other users of these portable toilets are exploration companies in the jungle, or mining companies that use them in their surveillance.

Price (in USD)

Toilets bowls: $35 – 60

Washrooms: $520 – 1,554

Agua Ecosan Perú
Agua Ecosan Perú

Agua Ecosan Perú Juan Carlos Calizaya Luna, General Manager
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