Xinjiang Shawan Oasis Sustainable Development Institute

In addition to increasing food supply in desert locations, the hybrid organization inherently provides employment opportunities for local communities.

Gang Chen, Executive Director
Hybrid Social Enterprise Food Security 2009 43 (as of 10/2020) 1,048,320 (2019)
Headquarters: Shawan, China
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The organization is developing new technologies to make the Desert Greenhouse solution suitable for all desert regions with no ground water and underground water.

What we should know about you

Questions answered by Gang Chen, Executive Director
1. What is your biggest learning as an entrepreneur so far?

For the continuous operation of a social enterprise, there are always unexpected risks and changes, which must be met with perseverance and innovation.

2. What is the best thing about being a member of empowering people. Network?

Many great opportunities are provided by epNetwork to learn from and work with like-minded peers from all over the world.

3. What drives you personally to keep your social business running?

I have a strong interest and constant passion to make a solution for the benefit of social businesses, people, and communities around the world.

Desert Greenhouse
Desert Greenhouse

The Desert Greenhouse turns wasted sandy land into arable land fit to grow 30 different kinds of fruits and vegetables.
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