MiCT (Media in Cooperation and Transition)

MiCT provides people in conflict or post-conflict situations with vital information through their Pocket FM solution.

Klaas Glenewinkel, Managing Director
Non-profit limited company 2006 10 3.6 million (approximately) USD (2019)
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
Regional offices: Iraq, Tunisia, Uganda
Due to German tax law, we cannot hyperlink to websites of epNetwork member organizations. We apologize for this inconvenience.
The portable transmitter Pocket FM has a broadcast range of 8 km and can be remote-controlled by SMS or the internet.

What we should know about you

Questions answered by Klaas Glenewinkel, Managing Director
1. What is your biggest success as an entrepreneur?

Breaking even with Pocket FM.

2. What is your biggest learning as an entrepreneur so far?

That I can choose who to work with.

3. What drives you personally to keep your social business running?

Looking at what we have achieved, and looking forward to more to come.

Additional achievements


  • epAward Winner 2016


  • Ashoka Fellowship
  • BMW Sustainable Leader


Pocket FM
Pocket FM

Pocket FM can be remote controlled via SMS or Wifi with its location being determined through GPS.
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