Incredible advancements have been made in medicine and technology and, in turn, have improved the world’s ability to fight disease. However, it is estimated that about 2 billion people throughout the world lack access to basic health services.[1] The World Health Organization has emphasized that we can’t afford to do nothing with respect to the world’s most urgent health challenges over the next decade. The organization has 10 urgent health issues it deems most important to tackle, including: making healthcare fairer and stopping infectious diseases, to name a few.[2] Sadly, only 10 years ago, the cost of paying for health services out of pocket pushed almost 100 million people into extreme poverty.[3] While remarkable progress has been made in some areas, progress has stalled or is trending backwards in other areas when looking at the state of the world’s health.[4]

empowering people. Network aims to identify and support innovative technologies and organizations that work to solve basic health problems around the world. See some of the most promising entrepreneurs, and their enterprises, focused on this sector in the database below.


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