Impacc MakaPads Ltd

The current enterprise, Impacc MakaPads Ltd, is a newly-established revival of their previous business that also focused on the development of menstrual hygiene products for girls.

Mirembe Nnassuuna, Board Member and Director
Social Business Water & Sanitation 2021 18 N/A
Headquarters: Kampala, Uganda
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Impacc MakaPads Ltd has created 22 "green" jobs for local employees, impacting 625 livelihoods.

What we should know about you

Questions answered by Mirembe Nnaassuna, CEO
1. Imagine yourself/yourselves 5 years ago in comparison to the situation you are in today. Which achievements surprise you the most?

The water may seem cold when you jump in at the deep end. But the more you swim the warmer it gets.

2. What was a troubling time that you managed to overcome?

COVID-19 hit just as we were starting our fundraising efforts. Not easy for a young start-up. But we changed our funding strategy from donations to grants and managed to fund our first ventures nevertheless.

Additional achievements


  • epAward Winner 2013*

*A previous iteration of this enterprise won epAward in 2013, however, this social business is a revived company and, thus, completely new.


MakaPads are affordable menstrual hygiene products for girls, allowing girls to focus on their education and well-being.
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